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You're a single loser, so you decided to go out on a blind date. To your surprise, your date is way out of your league and seems interested in you... at least, she seems interested in getting you back to her place. There's something strange about her; she seems dangerous, maybe even crazy - but she's insanely hot so you go along with it. When you two are alone she reveals that she is a Domme and she noticed you staring at her ass. She orders you to get on your knees and worship her ass, which you do with pleasure. To take it a step further she wants to sit on your face while you lie helplessly on the ground, buried in her scent. She smothers you in her lace-covered ass, playing with your breath and making you feel euphoric. But as time goes on she gives you less and less oxygen and starts saying some very concerning things... You begin to struggle but she won't let up, she just holds you down harder, laughing maniacally... Oh dear, don't you get it? You have become another one of this evil Executrix's victims, and you will take your last breath in her ass.

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