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The meaner and greedier and brattier I am, the more you want to submit. When you're in subspace you'll do anything I demand. All I have to do is snap My pretty little fingers and you're handing over your most confidential information and darkest secrets, meanwhile unloading the contents of your bank account into My hands. I'm ready to totally wreck you. If you have a wife or girlfriend, you won't for long. I know what you do behind closed doors and no woman wants a freak like you. I'll ruin your social life, make you a laughing stock. I want you all to Myself so I can make you keep paying and obeying with your full attention. You see, I intend to make you addicted to blackmail and financial domination for life, and after life too. I'm going to make you write Me into your will, leaving everything for Me. I won't be satisfied until I've not only drained you in waking life but taken all remaining assets after your last worthless breath. I feel no guilt, remorse, or sympathy. It's your own fault for being fooled by the charms of this cute but dangerous Blackmail Brat.

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