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*alarm goes off*
what the hell? Well, this can't be right my ass isn't that nice. And hair grows, it happens. Yeah. wait....I have boobs, nice boobs. But i can't, there's no way...Oh my goodness, touching your pussy feels so good...How can something feel this good? I can't masturbate right now. I wonder what it would be like trying on some sexy womens clothes.
Why are they so complicated? How am I supposed to get these straps to hook together? What are these panties? Teddy's are sexy, I should definitely take some pictures of me in this for later.
I would love to see this ass in some spandex, I wonder if there's some around here. There is. I have to try these on.
Damn, I look really hot. I can't stop myself, I have to know what it's like to cum as a girl.

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