[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Your Wife Wants Me To Join Your Marriage - ManyVids | Size - 283.45 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Your Wife Wants Me To Join Your Marriage - ManyVids | Size - 283.45 MB

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Full HD-283.45 MB-your-wife-wants-me-to-join-your-marriage.mp4

[This was a custom request] You're in the house alone one day when a very attractive woman turns up at your door wearing nothing but the sexiest leopard print underwear. You have no idea who she is, but you're certainly not in a rush to turn her away. She's SO hot! She's explains that she's your wife's friend, best friend in fact! They've been best friends since high school and your wife has been talking to her about your marriage. She's told her how big your cock is and how well you fuck, but the sex life has been dwindling lately. So your wife decided that she wanted to do something for you to make your marriage a little spicier again. Turns out, this woman used to fuck your wife back in high school. She tells you stories about eating your wife's pussy and making her cum while they were at school and your cock starts to get rock hard. She's turned up at your door today because your wife wants her to join your marriage so that she's around for both of you to use and fuck - either individually or together. Thing is, as you don't know this woman yourself, your wife has sent her to your house today as a kind of audition. She wants you her fuck her to see what you think and if you agree to her decision. You already know your answer but you're so hard that you need to do something with this boner. The woman starts to suck your cock and she is surprised by how huge your cock is. She talks about your size a lot while she sucks and gags on it - telling you that she's never seen one this big before. She can't wait to have you inside her so she jumps on top and starts to ride you. She has a hard time sliding your thick cock into her pussy - you can see how much you're stretching her - but she's so wet that she manages to squeeze you inside and ride you until she's ready to burst. She tells you that she's a size queen now and is so grateful that your wife asked her to join you both. She is obsessed with your cock. She spins around to ride you reverse cowgirl so that you can see your big cock pushing out her little butthole. Watching her gorgeous body gets too much and you're ready to put your seed inside her. She begs for your cum until you fill her up with a huge load of it. You're definitely going to enjoy you and your wife's new plaything.

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