[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Wife's BFF Wants You In Both Holes - ManyVids | Size - 563.8 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Wife's BFF Wants You In Both Holes - ManyVids | Size - 563.8 MB

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Full HD-563.8 MB-wife-s-bff-wants-you-in-both-holes.mp4

[This was a custom request] You and your wife have just helped her best friend move into her new house and you're left alone with her once the move is all completed while your wife is out grabbing some final bits. You (half-jokingly) suggest that the woman owes you money for helping her move - it was a huge job after all which took days! But she didn't expect to have to pay you and has no cash. You're about to admit that you were kidding when she bends over to look for some change behind the sofa and you're suddenly very distracted by her arse in her gym shorts... and a wet patch where they creased into the folds of her pussy! You ask her why her pussy is wet and she laughs it off, saying it's probably just sweat from the move. You're not convinced. She seems to be teasing you with her ass as she bends over in front of you. You ask to smell her cute little behind and you're shocked when she backs up towards you to let you do so. She admits that her pussy is wet because she's been admiring your muscles as you moved her furniture and that she has always had a bit of a thing for you. But she knows this is so very wrong because your wife has been her best friend for years. You bury your face into her shorts and she can't resist but to pull them down to let you taste her pussy. She tastes amazing and she spreads her holes to give you a perfect view of both of them. She slides a finger into her arsehole and smells it, agreeing that she was a little sweaty from the move. She tastes her arsehole before offering you a taste too from her finger. She is delicious... and, before you know it, your tongue is buried inside her arse and she's begging you to fuck her in it. You slide into her tight pink arsehole and start to fuck her hard. She reminds you that you're both betraying your wife and her best friend but she doesn't stop you. In fact, she tells you about a kink she has for men cleaning their dirty cocks from her arsehole inside her wet little pussy. You are so turned on by this idea that you try it immediately and enjoy watching her moan with pleasure. But she won't let you fuck her pussy for long because she's not on any form of birth control and doesn't want to risk you getting her pregnant. You fuck her arse again but can't help but slide back and forth between both of her holes. She seems distracted by how good you feel and forgets all about her pregnancy fears. She starts to ask you if your wife would ever let you fuck her arse and admitting that she thinks her friend is quite boring and that you deserve better. Your cock has begun to turn her against her own best friend. You instruct her onto her knees to suck it. She cleans all of her arse juice off your cock with her mouth but longs for you back inside her holes again. Neither of you can resist anymore - despite knowing it's wrong. She makes you promise only one thing - that you'll cum in her mouth to ensure she doesn't risk getting pregnant. You start to fuck her again doggy style and slide literally from one hole to the other, over and over again making both of her holes gape and queef. You both lose yourselves fucking until you hear your wife's car pull up outside the house. She tells you that you have to cum right now and doesn't care anymore where you do it. You empty a huge thick load into her arsehole and she pushes it out with a messy noise, letting it all drip down onto her cunt and rubbing it in with her fingers. You both hurry to get dressed as you wife walks into the house. Your cum soaks through her gym shorts and you hope to God that your wife doesn't notice.

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