[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Wednesday Gives Gomez Some Drooly Head - ManyVids | Size - 234.28 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Wednesday Gives Gomez Some Drooly Head - ManyVids | Size - 234.28 MB

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Full HD-234.28 MB-wednesday-gives-gomez-some-drooly-head.mp4

10 DAYS OF SPOOKS - DAY 10 #SpookySzn Wednesday is in trouble at school for poisoning one of the popular girls with rat poison. Morticia is away on business so it's down to Gomez to punish his daughter and he has the perfect punishment for his naughty girl. It's not the first time that she's sucked her Dad's cock but she knows that he's only doing this because Morticia is away, so she takes the opportunity to tease her. She starts of slow, teasing his cock with her tongue and mouth and getting it all wet while talking about what a good girl she can be for him. She asks if Mum hasn't been fucking him much recently because his cock is rock solid. He starts to fuck her little mouth hard, making her gag and drool. Her eyes are watering as she looks up at her Dad with his hard cock in her mouth. Whenever he gives her a break from his cock, she begs him to speak to the principle and not to tell her Mum what she did. He slides even deeper into her mouth, making it fill up with saliva and dribble all over her dress. She asks if she gives head better than Morticia while letting her saliva run down her chin, and Gomez can't hold in his orgasm anymore. He fucks her mouth deep and hard, making her throat make noises, until he empties his balls inside it and she struggles to swallow it all down.

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