[Full HD] Infinity0Whore The Spirit of Halloween JOI - ManyVids | Size - 180.73 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore The Spirit of Halloween JOI - ManyVids | Size - 180.73 MB

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10 DAYS OF SPOOKS - DAY 9 #SpookySzn Walking the streets on Halloween alone is not usually a good idea - when you bump into this strange being, she tells you the same thing. Only, you're inclined to disagree. Yes, she has a pumpkin head and looks kinda creepy but she's also sporting an incredible body wearing only lingerie and striped socks. She explains that she's the Spirit of Halloween. She tells you that Halloween is about all things considered bad and evil - so she encourages all forms of pleasure. Seeing as you're a man out walking alone, she wants you to empty your balls in for the Halloween holidays. She begins to give your instructions on how to jerk your cock - the speed, where your hands should be, when to touch your balls. Her instructions feel amazing. She begins to squirm around, rubbing herself on the pumpkin that she's sat on until she also reaches orgasm while you stroke your cock and watch her. She lies back and spreads her legs to show off her perfect pussy. She tells you that humans can't fuck beings like her, but she wishes so much that you could. She talks about how much she wants your cock and how handsome it looks while you're stroking it. She makes you pay attention to your balls while she begins to use a vibrator and dildo on her pussy at the same time. As she masturbates, she makes you match her stroke with the dildo to pretend that it's her you're fucking. She wants you to spill your seed hard for Halloween and feel true pleasure. She tells you how amazing her toys feel on her pussy, but you can see the wetness dribbling from her pussy. She talks about how much she'd love to have her tongue on your balls and arsehole while you stroke... She's getting closer to her second orgasm, and you can feel the cum beginning to travel up your cock. She tells you that her pussy is about to explode and counts down to her orgasm so that you can follow suite. Her yells of pleasure sound amazing and you cum so hard alongside her. She tells you that you must cum hard every year for Halloween... and make sure that you think of her.

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