[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Shy Nun Tries Anal Sex - ManyVids | Size - 376.19 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Shy Nun Tries Anal Sex - ManyVids | Size - 376.19 MB

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You work as a groundskeeper at a nunnery and you've befriended this shy, nerdy nun. She admits that she has been having inappropriate thoughts about you, because of all the time you've been spending together. She doesn't wish to sin and break any of her vows regarding masturbation so she thinks you should spend more time apart. However, you have other ideas. When she tells you how much she wants to have sex with you - but can't and won't - you suggest anal sex. There's no rules against that in the bible. She's nervous but hesitantly agrees. You instruct that she rips her tights and she shows off her perfect, virgin arsehole. She teases it with one finger before showing you it even closer. She stretches it a little with a buttplug that you've provided - and begins to soften to the idea of letting you fuck her arse. Once she's lubed up and sliding multiple fingers into herself, she decides that it feels good and lets you slide your huge, thick cock into her. She screams with both pleasure and pain while you stretch her tight hole. You fuck her hard and deep - all while she reassures herself that Jesus won't mind her having anal sex. Only... she starts to love it. Before you know it, she's riding your cock anally and cumming around you - begging you to fill her up with your load and vowing that she'll be an anal slut for Jesus from now on.

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