[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Secretary Degrades Herself For The Boss - ManyVids | Size - 460.97 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Secretary Degrades Herself For The Boss - ManyVids | Size - 460.97 MB

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Full HD-460.97 MB-secretary-degrades-herself-for-the-boss.mp4

[This was a custom request] You receive a late night video call from your secretary - she apologises for interrupting your day off but she needs to tell you something important. She admits that she's become obsessed with the idea of pleasing you - and not just in a work sense. She's noticed how big your cock is through your trousers at work and is desperate for a taste so she wants to show you what a good, submissive girl she could be for you. She pulls out a long toy and begins gagging and drooling all over it - telling you that she wants you to fuck the stress of your day out on her face. She gets so slobbery and drooly around the toy, with spit dripping all over her chin and tits. She holds a bowl underneath her face to collect all of her messy drool as she face fucks herself with the dildo, wishing that it was your cock. She does this for a while, talking dirty to you and telling you all of the filthy, degrading things that she'd be willing to do to please you and make you cum. Eventually, the bowl is filled with a few inches of thick drool so she shows it off proudly to you. She slips off her panties and drops them into the bowl, letting them soak up all of her spit. She then places them on her head like a headpant, the drool trickles down her glasses and she pours the rest of the bowl all over her face and back into her mouth until she's soaked with her own facefuck drool. She really wants to degrade herself for you. She begs you to allow her to call you master from now on, as she reveals that she's been wearing a buttplug this whole time. She knows that everyone wants to fuck you so she knows she'd have to give you both holes to keep you interested in her. She sucks her arse from the buttplug and tells you that she'd clean your cock in exactly the same way. Then she bends over, with her arse facing the camera, and shoves the dildo into her arsehole roughly. She fucks her arse rough while telling you she'd probably make too much noise if your big cock was stretching her in the office, so she stuffs her drool soaked panties into her mouth to stifle her moans. She pounds her tight arsehole hard with the toy, stopping now and then to clean herself off it with her mouth, until she cums hard around it - yelling out for Master. She puts her drool covered panties back on and tell you she's going to wear them all night to remind her of what a slut she's been for you this evening. You can't wait to get into the office on Monday morning now...

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