[Full HD] Infinity0Whore School Bully Makes You Her Bitch - ManyVids | Size - 262.11 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore School Bully Makes You Her Bitch - ManyVids | Size - 262.11 MB

Ballet Flats, Cuckolding, Makeup, Shoe Fetish, Sissification, ManyVids

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[This was a custom request] You're amazed when the most popular girl in school asks you to meet her somewhere private, only, when you get there you realise it's not what you expected at all. You've always been a loser and she doesn't take long to tell you that. She begins to humiliate you - she's noticed you staring at her flat ballet pumps under the desk and thinks foot lovers are weird. She tells you that you will never deserve to go near any pussy, let alone hers. She makes you clean her shoes with your tongue before making you get on your knees and placing a collar around your neck. You're hers. Because she knows you'll never get any pussy, being such a weird loser, she wants to help you. Make you look pretty so at least maybe men will want you, and you can take some cock! So piece by piece, she makes up your face with powder, eyeliner, mascara and finally lipstick. Now you look like a proper slut, and that's just what she wants. She has another surprise for you, her alpha, jock boyfriend has been hiding away watching this whole scene unfold. And now he knows that you're a sissy bitch too! Which means the whole school could find out. The schoolgirl puts a buttplug in your arse and tells you that she knows how much you want cock rather than pussy. She might be right - because you're hard and leaking. She fucks her boyfriend in front of you, just inches from your face so you can smell both of their arousal - she reminds you the whole time that he's a real man and you'll never be able to fuck her like that. When he finishes inside her, she makes you clean the cum from his cock with your mouth. Now you really are her good cock sucking little slut.

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