[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Scarecrow Wakes Up To Homewreck Farmer - ManyVids | Size - 396.61 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Scarecrow Wakes Up To Homewreck Farmer - ManyVids | Size - 396.61 MB

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10 DAYS OF SPOOKS - DAY 8 #SpookySzn You're a farmer on your normal morning rounds, when you walk into a shed and nearly fall over. There's a crazy looking woman in the shed, almost naked. Strangely, she looks like your scarecrow. She immediately apologies and tells you not to be scared. She knows you won't believe her, but she tells you that she actually IS your scarecrow. She woke up this morning after the sun has risen and fell off of her post with a human body. She wants your help and doesn't know what's going on. She tells you that she's watched you working the fields for years and knew that you would check this shed this morning, that's why she waited here for you to find. She begins to writhe around a little while she talks about your muscles and how strong you look while you're working. Becoming human has given her lots of new feelings to contend with... her body is now horny and wants to be bred. She admits that she's always had a consciousness, despite not being able to move or speak, every since you put your old chequered shirt on her body. Somehow, that bought her into being. And now she has a body with wet holes that she's desperate for you to fuck. She tells you that she knows you're married but, because she's technically just a scarecrow, it would be a complete secret. You could keep her in this shed and just come to fuck her whenever you feel like you need to cum. She leans in and tells you that your wife is one of the lesser beings of your species and that she doesn't deserve you. You're inclined to agree - she hasn't fucked you for years. The scarecrow laughs about how she's noticed your wife getting fatter and fatter as the years have gone on, but how she sees all the younger farmhands staring at you and giggling because they want your cock. You start to get hard hearing how alpha she thinks you are... By now, she's stripped out of all of her clothes and is spreading her wet pussy for you. Her body is amazing. Exactly what you've always dreamt of getting your hands on - almost like the universe is gifting you this. You can't resist and slide your big cock into her pussy. She's tighter that anything you've ever experienced and grips you perfectly. She's also soaking wet for you. She tells you that your wife hasn't ever got this wet for you and that her holes are just old and dry now. She is what you deserve and now she's your personal life in sex slave. You fuck her holes hard in a few different positions, all while she talks about how ugly and old your wife is and how you deserve so much better. She tells you about all the things that she would let you do to her in this dirty old shed while your wife is just meters away in the house, in her musty old nightdress, complaining. Meanwhile, all your scarecrow wants to do is drain your cum and give you pleasure. She starts to beg for your cum inside her so you begin to fuck her harder than ever until she's pressed back against the pumpkins. Your cock is visible stretching her pussy and looks amazing sliding in and out of her. She wants to be bred and you comply. You shoot a huge, thick load into her cunt - a load that has been building up for years. She's overjoyed with pleasure and happiness. She spreads her pussy again with pride and tells you that you can come to visit her in the shed as many times as you want each day, and that she'll always be ready to fuck. She grins and says that she hopes your wife doesn't mind how much you'll be out working the fields from now on...

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