[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Satanic Bitch Encourages You To Sin - ManyVids | Size - 250.14 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Satanic Bitch Encourages You To Sin - ManyVids | Size - 250.14 MB

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[This was a custom request] She introduces herself as Satan's whore and immediately begins to seduce you, a good Christian, into a life of sin. She tells you that you should learn and recite this special prayer that she is about to read from her Bible. She constantly reminds you that Satan is the true god and Christianity is boring and pointless. She suggests that you rip up your Bibles and join her in a life of committing to sins of the flesh. As she begins to read her special Satanic and blasphemous prayer, she starts to slide out of her little black dress and show off her shiny nylons and block shoes. Her hand slides down the front of her tights to touch herself while she writhes around, getting aroused from the Blasphemy she's spouting. The prayer is very insulting to your religion and to Jesus Christ, Mary, God and even the Holy Spirit, but you feel yourself coming around to her words and suggestions. What she's saying - Satan's law - makes complete sense. She mocks some of the real verses in the Bible and rips pages from your Holy book, spitting on them and throwing them at you while maniacally laughing. She pull out a thick transparent dildo and slides down her nylons to fuck her wet pussy as she continues reading her special Satanic prayer and mocking your religion. She convinces you that everything that the Bible teaches is a lie and that your entire life has been a waste. Her pussy grips the dildo perfectly and she looks so wet and juicy around it as she fucks herself and moans with pleasure for Satan. She fucks herself hard while mocking and insulting Christianity until she cums around the dildo and encourages you to masturbate and cum for Satan too. She shows off her pretty pussy while continuing to desecrate and destroy the bible as you watch. When she's finished playing with herself, she turns around to show off her holes to tempt you even more into fucking and sinning. She reminds you that you should masturbate and sin, that your life has been a waste so far but there's still time to turn it around by worshipping Satan. She hopes that you will spread this special prayer to more Christians and teach them the truth about their God and religion too. You're already convinced, so you think that's exactly what you'll do....

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