[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Robbing Her House & Stealing Her Husband - ManyVids | Size - 514.82 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Robbing Her House & Stealing Her Husband - ManyVids | Size - 514.82 MB

Caught, Cheating, Fishnets, Home Wrecker, Verbal Humiliation, ManyVids

Full HD-514.82 MB-robbing-her-house-stealing-her-husband.mp4

[This was a custom request] You come home early from work one day to find a local delinquent robbing your house. Your wife's clothes are strewn all over the bed, the drawers are ripped clean and the convict is sitting on the bed sifting through your wife's jewelry box, pocketing the most expensive items. You are shocked and immediately try to call the police, but she rips your phone from your hands and pockets that too. You are disgusted with yourself to find that your dick is getting hard at her arrogant and rebellious nature. She admits that she didn't find much value in your expensive house because most of your wife's possessions are hideous. But now you're here she suggests that you have some fun before your boring wife returns. When she starts tugging on the band of your trousers, your cock is solid and you can't help but give in to her seduction. She sucks and strokes your cock while telling you what a terrible husband you are for cheating on your wife. She laughs at the facade you and your wife have painted to the world - and, just look at you now. Fucking the most terrible person in the neighborhood. The rebellious goth girl who smokes and robs houses. Her mouth feels amazing around your cock though... She begs to feel you inside her and climbs on top to ride your big cock. You are huge compared to her young, tight pussy and you are visibly stretching her. She adjusts to your length and starts to ride you - asking why you've not cheated before as you are such an amazing fuck with a huge cock. She's noticed you looking at girls like her around the neighborhood while out with your wife... and your wife is boring, old, fat, and hasn't felt this amazing for years (if ever!). Plus, she's always hated your wife because she called the police on her once for smoking once. She insults your marriage as she rides you until you have to take over and push her onto her bed to fuck her missionary. With her legs wide, you pound her cunt - desperate to cum in her - but, to your dread, you hear the bedroom door creak open. The girl is grinning up at your wife who is now in the room watching in disbelief as you fuck the fishnet-clad girl. You're so close to cumming though, you can't bring yourself to stop. She makes you admit in front of your wife that her pussy feels better than your wife ever has... and then you cum. You immediately feel regret but the goth girl is grinning. Your marriage will never be the same and it's all your fault.

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