[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Punishing Daughter's Bully With Anal Sex - ManyVids | Size - 506.5 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Punishing Daughter's Bully With Anal Sex - ManyVids | Size - 506.5 MB

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Full HD-506.5 MB-punishing-daughter-s-bully-with-anal-sex.mp4

[This was a custom request] Your daughter's bully has followed her home from school because she's taken a video of her vandalising the school and is going to get her kicked out of college! The bully is fuming and about to hit your daughter when you walk in and inform her that you now have the copy of the video. She's still being a brat, talking back and being mean to your daughter. And she's dressed like a slut! So you get an idea... You tell the girl to strip naked. She obviously doesn't want to and starts calling you names along with your daughter but you remind her how her future lies in your hands right now. She doesn't want you to call her parents so she does as she's told. You ask her to pass you her panties and put your cock in her mouth. She's appalled and tells you that you're way too old and the idea of your cock makes her feel sick. But, with no choice, she takes your hard cock between her lips. She's visibly disgusted and constantly back chats you while she sucks on your cock. Your daughter stays in the room and laughs at her bully's humiliation. She thinks you're a very odd family but just wants the copy of the video deleted so continues to follow your orders. You start to sniff on her panties and she's grossed out - telling you that they must be so sweaty after they've been up her arse crack all day. Her scent makes you even harder and you demand to fuck her. She denies you at first but you still have her under your thumb. So she lies back and lets you fuck her pussy but she laughs at you as you do so, telling you that she's not a virgin and that this isn't a punishment. She's happy to just lie back and take it until you're finished and then she can forget all about this. You fuck her harder but she isn't phased. So you pull out of her pussy and position your cock on the rim of her arse. She starts to panic now and begs you not to fuck her arse. She is an anal virgin and doesn't want you to take her virginity (perfect). With one swift motion you push your thick cock into her arse and she yells out, telling you how much you're hurting her. You fuck her arse hard and deep, telling her you want to degrade her and punish her for being such a mean girl. Your daughter still watches on from the corner of the room, enjoying seeing her bully in pain. You pull out of her arse and tell her to clean your cock, she's so disgusted that she's almost sick as she cleans her asshole off you. When you shove back into her arse, she's trying to rub her clit to take away the pain and she accidentally cums. She tells you this doesn't mean anything so you go straight from her arsehole into her pussy - cleaning your ass covered cock off inside her cunt until you fill her up with seed - owning her. She's not on the pill so you may have even left your offspring inside her belly. She's shocked at what you've just done and tries to be a brat again but the curtain soon slips and she tells you that she'll never bully your daughter again. In fact, she's so surprised by how hard she came while your cock was in her arse that she wants to become your anal plaything from now on and let you fuck her arse whenever you want.

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