[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Office Video Call Gone Wrong - ManyVids | Size - 512.53 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Office Video Call Gone Wrong - ManyVids | Size - 512.53 MB

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Full HD-512.53 MB-office-video-call-gone-wrong.mp4

Picture this: You're a head of department for a successful company and you've just had a new (cute) girl start in your team. Due to COVID, staff are still working from home so you've been catching up with your staff over Zoom. After a good chat with the new girl, you're about to log off when you notice her webcam is still running. She's been distracted by a phone call to one of her girl friends, by the sounds of it. You hear her say 'her new boss is hot' and you're intrigued so you stick around and keep watching. She talks about you for a while to her friend - planning ways that she might be able to fuck you. You're a married man and she knows this - but she doesn't seem to care. You're shocked when she takes off her dress to reveal her perfect boobs and you suddenly feel a little creepy to still be watching... but she's so hot. She has such a tight, toned little body. You find yourself growing hard and you're unable to close down the app. She finds pictures of you on vacation in your swimming trunks and sends them to her friend to show her how attractive you are, and then she starts touching herself. You can hear how wet she is thinking about you. Her friend hangs up and she begins using her vibrator on her clit while looking at your pictures on her phone. Next she reaches over to her drawers and pulls out a dildo to slide into her wetness. She mutters filth to herself about you as she fucks herself. She rides the dildo for a while at the end of her bed and you're able to properly see her naked curves as she bounces on the toy. But, this new girl is an anal slut - she lifts her leg to fit the dildo inside her tight arsehole and fucks her arse as she holds her vibrator on her cunt. She cums extremely hard and is a shuddering mess on the bed. She uses her fingers to show how stringy and wet her pussy is and mutters 'if he makes me cum this hard without even being here... just imagine'. You don't even notice you have your cock in your hand at this point. But she's begun walking back over to her computer and realises her terrible mistake.

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