[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Meeting Your Friend's Well-Trained Wife - ManyVids | Size - 407.15 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Meeting Your Friend's Well-Trained Wife - ManyVids | Size - 407.15 MB

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[This was a custom request] You're visiting one of your close friends one evening after work when his wife returns home from the office. She says hi and asks how you both are before exclaiming she's very tired and needs to go to bed. You're absolutely shocked, however, when she gets down on her knees and starts to suck her husband's cock. She notices you watching and explains that it's routine for her to give her husband a goodnight blowjob. As your host, she decides it's only polite if she sucks your cock too. She takes both of your pricks in her mouth one after another, eyes watering from the size of your both until he husband (relatively quickly) finishes in her mouth. You are still hard and nowhere near finished, however, so she tells her husband that she'll just lay you on the couch and ride you until you're done while she catches up with him about his day at work. She casually rides you while conversing naturally with her husband. She feels so amazing. They even discuss a dinner party that they're throwing next week and how many of his friends are coming over that she'll have to 'see to'. She's a busy lady so she tells her husband that she'd rather get them all done in one go with a huge gangbang. You can't believe what you're hearing! She notices your shock and tells you that you should bring your wife over too so that she can eat her pussy and let your friend fuck your wife while you fuck her at the same time. She suddenly apologizes and says that she really needs to get to bed because she's exhausted - but you've still not cum. You've been enjoying the feeling of her lazily riding you and are in awe at the relationship she and your friend have. She offers to switch it up a notch - to start moaning and dirty talking you to help you cum quicker and to make sure that you also cum very hard. You agree - and suddenly it's like a porn star is riding you. She slides expertly up and down your cock, moaning like you're the best thing she's ever felt and even pretending to orgasm around your big hard cock while talking filthy to you. This does the trick and you shoot a huge, thick load into her belly while your friend reads the newspaper across the room. Before she goes to bed, she reminds you that you must bring your wife along next time and wishes the both of you a very good night.

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