[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Goth-Gamer Girl Begs You To Cheat - ManyVids | Size - 392.37 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Goth-Gamer Girl Begs You To Cheat - ManyVids | Size - 392.37 MB

Double Penetration, Female Desperation, Goth, Hitachi, Home Wrecker, ManyVids

Full HD-392.37 MB-goth-gamer-girl-begs-you-to-cheat.mp4

This little gothy gamer girl has had a fascination with you for months and she's finally decided that she needs to do something about it. So, she sets up her camera and sits down on her gaming chair to tell you exactly how she feels. Obviously, she's made herself look beautiful and is wearing only some black, tiny underwear and a collar as she nervously tells you how many times she's cum over you in the last six months. You're married, but she explains that you could have some fun and no one would need to find out while she reveals her petite, tattooed boobs to you and starts to slide her hand down her panties. She knows you haven't had sex for a while and wants to help you out - make you feel good. Turned on from talking about your cock, she wants to masturbate for you. She tells you if you're not interested and don't want to see, it's easy to just turn the video off and stop watching. Then she bends over to reveal her tight holes and slides a buttplug into her arse. Plugged, she spreads her legs for you and begins playing with her sweet little pussy while begging for your cock. She needs to feel filled and pretend that it's you, so she fucks herself with a dildo and moans loudly, telling you she feels so filled up with both of her holes stuffed. Desperate to cum - and telling you how much hotter she is than your wife - she uses a hitachi on her clit and brings herself to an intense, shaking orgasm.

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