[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Fuck Me On Your Wife's Grave - ManyVids | Size - 168.03 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Fuck Me On Your Wife's Grave - ManyVids | Size - 168.03 MB

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Full HD-168.03 MB-fuck-me-on-your-wife-s-grave.mp4

[This was a custom request] Your wife has just passed away and you're at her grave following her funeral, mourning her loss, when your mistress turns up. You're appalled and look around to make sure no one is watching, but it's late and everyone else has left. And (goddamnit) she looks hot. She's being sweet, asking if you need a friend and wanting to keep you company. You mention her outfit and she dismisses it - saying she'd wear the same for any funeral. But she does admit that she's not wearing underwear in an attempt to cheer you up. You scold her for being inappropriate... but when she turns around to reveal she's wearing the buttplug you bought her too, you can't help but to get hard. She winds you up even more, playing with herself and showing off her hot, tight body, and you start to remember why you cheated in the first place. Your mistress agrees and asks you if some part of you is glad that your boring, old wifey is out the way so that you can concentrate on your future with her. You're rock hard and can't resist her - you ask to fuck her right there on top of your wife's grave. She agrees but on one condition - she wants to give your wife one final gift first. She empties her bladder on top of your dead wife, laughing the whole time and teasing your wife directly about how all of your cum belongs to her now. She lies you down and rides your cock, the whole time humiliating your wife and your marriage; reminding you why you cheated so much when she was alive. Frustrated with your girlfriend, you spin her around and plough deep into her tight pussy for those final few important strokes before you empty your full balls deep into her womb. Satisfied, she pushes out your creampie onto the dirt and leaves your poor wife covered in cum and piss.

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