[Full HD] Infinity0Whore ExGF Seduces You Into Raw Adulterous Sex - ManyVids | Size - 488.02 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore ExGF Seduces You Into Raw Adulterous Sex - ManyVids | Size - 488.02 MB

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Full HD-488.02 MB-exgf-seduces-you-into-raw-adulterous-sex.mp4

[This was a custom request] You're at a house party with your current girlfriend, who has left briefly with friends to go and pick up more ice for the punch. You decide to go outside for a smoke and head to the room being used as the makeshift cloakroom to grab your coat. You're surprised, yet slightly horrified, to see your ex-girlfriend sitting in the spare room. You admit that she was a great fuck, but slightly crazy. She'd seen you downstairs with your girlfriend and decided to wait for you in the spare room. She explains that she's horny and had come to this party to fuck someone anyway. The fact that she's found you is even better - you, after all, know her body inside out and how to make her cum hard. You try your best not to be tempted, but she keeps opening up her legs to reveal that she has no panties on. She calls your girlfriend boring and reminds you of how filthy she was when you were together. In actuality, you hadn't stopped thinking about that since you both broke up. She bends over the sofa to show that not only is she wearing no panties, but has a little glass buttplug in her arse too. She tells you that she would let you fuck her in any hole. Your current girlfriend is nowhere near as sexually adventurous. Her words (and super hot body) begin to tempt you... But, when she slides off her sandals to tease you with her bare feet which are hot and red from dancing, you're absolutely convinced. She promises you again and again that there's no way your girlfriend will ever find out and that it's your little secret. There's only one problem - she's not on the pill and you have no protection. She assures you that it will all be alright but you're admittedly nervous about fucking her raw while committed to another woman. You slide your cock into her wet pussy and your brain is overwhelmed with pleasure - the feel of her hot, wet pussy soaking around your cock. You begin to fuck her hard into the sofa (sex is simulated here - with a POV shot and no dildo insertion - customer's choice) and watch her tits bounce perfectly as you do. She continues to assure you that this encounter will stay between you and your girlfriend will never know. But she starts to play on the fact that, not only are you cheating, but you're fucking her unprotected. Your cock is hitting the back of her pussy and she tells you that, when you cum, it will go straight into her cervix and into her fertile belly. You want to stop and hold back your orgasm but you can't - she feels too good. With her filthy words, bouncing tits, and the feel of her wetness around you - you empty a huge load into her stomach and immediately feel regret. On the other hand, she is overjoyed at the feel of your load dripping out of her and shows it off proudly as it leaks down the inside of her thighs. She hopes your girlfriend might sit on a chair that she's used later in the night and wonder what the sticky wet patch was...

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