[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Desperate Office Girl Peeing Barefoot - ManyVids | Size - 64.38 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Desperate Office Girl Peeing Barefoot - ManyVids | Size - 64.38 MB

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[This was a custom request] Just another day at the office and, unfortunately, the toilet is occupied. This office girl is absolutely desperate to go. She knocks on the door a few times and moans and squirms in place. Her bladder looks visibly bloated and full. She begins to get annoyed and upset because she needs to go so badly. After a few minutes of anxiety and desperation, she begins to get strangely aroused at her predicament. There's a strong chance she may have to piss herself in the office. She continues to squirm but also strokes at her pussy through her skirt a little while seemingly confused why she's getting so turned on. Soon, she can't hold it anymore and her bladder begins to leak on the floor. She's worried about her expensive flats so she quickly kicks them off her feet and allows herself to pee. A huge stream of golden nectar flows out of her and all over her bare feet. Once she's finished peeing, she seems so much more comfortable but even more turned on. Her pussy, thighs and feet are covered inand she lifts up her skirt to start playing with her bare pussy. She moans and writhes up against the bathroom door (where her colleague is probably peeing!) and strokes at her clit until she loses control of her legs as she cums hard. Satisfied in more ways than one, she knocks on the door to state she no longer needs the bathroom and wanders back to her desk, still soaked.

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