[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Daughter's Hot Friend Blackmails You - ManyVids | Size - 504.95 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Daughter's Hot Friend Blackmails You - ManyVids | Size - 504.95 MB

18 & 19 Yrs Old, Barely Legal, Blackmail Fantasy, Cock Tease, Older Man / Younger Women, ManyVids

Full HD-504.95 MB-daughter-s-hot-friend-blackmails-you.mp4

[This was a custom request] You're hosting your daughter's graduation party at your house and celebrations are in full swing, but you can't help but stare at all of her super hot, barely legal friends. One of them catches you and drags you into the spare room where you're holding a photoshoot later on in the day... you've met her a few times before. She's so slutty and gorgeous and she's wearing a skimpy little dress that hugs her curves. She scolds you for looking at all of the 18yo girls in your house and tells you that you're embarrassing your daughter at her graduation party and should be ashamed! She reminds you that you're old enough to be all of their Dads and calls you a dirty old perv. However, as she scolds you, she also starts to writhe around and lift up her dress - flashing you her arse, tits, and even her bare pussy. She tells you she's wanted to fuck you for a while and that she can't blame you for looking at all of the tight, young bodies teasing you. Realizing that you genuinely are in the wrong, you apologize and try to leave but she won't let you. Before you know it, she's stripped out of her dress and is knelt in front of you with your hard cock in her hands. She starts sucking your cock and you beg her to stop, telling her she's the same age as your daughter and it's not right, but she reminds you that she caught you perving on all of the girls at the party. Unless you fuck her right here and now, she will tell everyone what a dirty old perv you are and embarrass you (and your family) in front of everyone. She pushes you to the ground and starts to ride your hard cock - teasing you the whole time for how hard you are and how wrong it is that you're fucking your daughter's friend who's half your age. The party still continues just outside the door and she suggests that anyone could hear or walk in and find her on top of you. But she feels so tight and wet around your cock that you really don't want her to stop. She cums hard around you at least three times and is surprised by how good an 'old man's' cock can feel inside her but all of her filthy talk and blackmail gets you too wound up and you feel you're about to cum. She begs you to empty your balls into her fertile little belly and fill her up with your seed and you can't help but oblige. As she slides back into her tight dress she whispers not to worry - this will remain a dirty little secret.

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