[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Daughter's GF Possessed by Succubus - ManyVids | Size - 401.73 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Daughter's GF Possessed by Succubus - ManyVids | Size - 401.73 MB

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Full HD-401.73 MB-daughter-s-gf-possessed-by-succubus.mp4

[This was a custom request] Your daughter's girlfriend has been staying at your house with your whole family. You're a very conservative, religious family so it took a little adjusting to get used to your daughter being gay and the fact that her girlfriend is so alternative and covered with tattoos, but she's so polite and loves your daughter - so you've accepted her into your home. One night over dinner, she's thankful for being so allowing and inviting you into your loving home, when she starts acting very strangely. She convulses a little and her eyes roll back into her head but she soon regains herself and tells you she'd just got the shivers. Later that night, you've gone up to bed alone while your wife has dozed off on the sofa and everyone else is in bed. You open your eyes to see your daughter's girlfriend straddling you in your bed. You're so taken aback and ask her to leave. This is very inappropriate and you're happily married! You've never cheated on your wife... But she's still acting strangely. She refuses to leave and tells you she's seen you looking at her over the dinner table, checking out her tight body. To your dismay, your cock starts to get hard but you still stay strong and continue to ask her to get out of your room. However, she's already started to strip out of her clothes. There's something so seductive about her... when she tells you that she wants to fuck you right here and now, you are unable to stop her from jumping onto your hard cock. She rides you like a pro and feels amazing. She begins to admit the truth - that her pussy will make you renounce your loyalty to your wife and will eventually steal your soul too. There's nothing you can do to stop her. As she rides you, she scolds you for cheating and reminds you how much you will hurt your wife and daughter if they find out what's happening. She begins to suck your hard cock and teases you that you're too weak to stop this from happening. She feels better than your wife ever has and you desperately need to cum. When she spins around and rides you again, you enjoy the sight of her tight arsehole winking at you while your thick cock stretches her hole. She tells you all about her sordid sex life with your daughter and asks you to imagine her tongue inside her wet pussy. You're horrified that it makes you even harder.... she wants to steal your soul and wreck your marriage. You can't help but spill your load inside her pussy but as you do - your wife and daughter walk in the room and catch her riding you. The possessed girl is unphased and greets them as she slides off you, full of your cum. She pulls out a strap-on that she's taken from your daughter's room and tells your wife and daughter that they're next. She will take your whole family's dirty souls.

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