[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Cute Little Piggy Nose and Self Spanking - ManyVids | Size - 296.19 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Cute Little Piggy Nose and Self Spanking - ManyVids | Size - 296.19 MB

Lipstick, Nose Pinching, Pussy Spreading, Spanking, Story Telling, ManyVids

Full HD-296.19 MB-cute-little-piggy-nose-and-self-spanking.mp4

[This was a custom request] You're watching your friend get ready for a night out, using her mirror and applying lipstick when she accidentally gets a little lipstick on the underside of her nose. She uses one finger to rub it off but accidentally ends up giving herself a piggy nose. Piggy nosing really turns you on so you start getting very aroused and she notices - asking you if you like seeing her looking like a cute little pig. She begins pushing her nose into a little piggy nose on purpose to tease you and begins to tell you countless stories about her personal life where she and her friends have accidentally ended up piggy nosing and about some of the boys she's come across who also really liked it... She lays back on her bed with her legs in the air and holding her nose in a piggy position the entire time while she rubs her hands down her body and continues to tell you stories, and teases you about how hard your cock is getting. She pulls down her bra and slides her panties across to show off her perfect body. Piggy nosing you is making her soaking wet... She gets on all fours and begins to spank her arse while piggy nosing, telling you what a naughty little piggy she is being and oinking. Her arse gets bright red and her pussy is visibly dripping wet while she teases you and spanks her round butt. Your cock is achingly hard when she asks you if she's been a good little piggy girl for you. You desperately want to fuck her and make her oink.

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