[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Breeding The Anti-Christ - ManyVids | Size - 142.38 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Breeding The Anti-Christ - ManyVids | Size - 142.38 MB

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You have been especially chosen by Satan to impregnate this slutty, demonically possessed body with the Anti-Christ. To bring about pain and suffering to this world - end all religions and ultimately put an end to human life. You've been chosen because of your immoral lifestyle; you cheat on your wife, gamble, dr!nk, do druugs... you're the epitome of immorality. And all of this time, Satan has been watching you be loyal to him without you even knowing it. Seeing as you think with your cock, you can't say no to the demonic seductress before you - parting her pink, wet pussy and asking you to fill her with your seed. You slide your hard cock into her as she tells you that you'll be putting an end to all that is good in this world. Her words are terrifying, but she feels so good. She tells you to fuck her hard and deep so that, when you cum, you shoot straight into her womb. She can tell you're going to have a big, thick load for her and give her a strong offspring. It's another reason why you were chosen - you're an alpha man who will help to create a strong heir for Satan. As you fuck her, she moans and writhes around. She can feel the power of evil building inside her as you approach your orgasm. She tells you how well you're doing and that Satan will be pleased. You know you're going to ruin everything but you can't help but to cum deep inside her pussy. She giggles at you as your cum drips from her hole... you've just created the anti-Christ - all because you couldn't control your sexual urges. There's a reason it's called sins of the HUMAN flesh....

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