[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Bound Military Girl Humiliated - ManyVids | Size - 302.99 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Bound Military Girl Humiliated - ManyVids | Size - 302.99 MB

Aliens & Monsters, Bound, Jeans/Pants Wetting, Military, Pee, ManyVids

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You've got taken a military prisoner at your Army base and she's begging you to let her use a toilet but you refuse. You make sure she is left to piss herself and wet her panties and camo trousers. She's super embarrassed and profusely apologizes for ruining the floor and begs you to let her change out of her wet clothes. You remove her binds and agree - on one condition. She makes herself cum through her wet panties. She agrees but you are surprised (and slightly angry!) when she seems to be enjoying herself and moaning as she plays. You come up with a better idea. You tell her she has to fuck a wolf-like creature that the base has caught. She's appalled and initially refuses but soon realizes that doing so means she might be able to escape. She makes you promise not to tell anyone. She begins to fuck the creature and is worried that its cock might be dangerous inside her - but again, she seems to enjoy it. Still not satisfied, you decide you want to see her stuff her piss-covered panties inside her soaking wet pussy before she finishes off fucking the creature and letting it cum inside her. She is irritated by the extra request but desperate to be released, she agrees. She ends up stuffing her panties deep in the back of her cunt using the creature's cock and telling you what a filthy slut she is until it cums deep inside her and covers her panties with cum as well as piss. She expects you'll let her go... but will you?

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