[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Bound British Spy Pee Desperation - ManyVids | Size - 64.91 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Bound British Spy Pee Desperation - ManyVids | Size - 64.91 MB

Bound, British, Embarrassment, Female Desperation, Pee, ManyVids

Full HD-64.91 MB-bound-british-spy-pee-desperation.mp4

[This was a custom request] This sexy British super spy wakes up to find herself bound tight in an abandoned building. She's never been caught before and, although she's concerned, she doesn't show it. She struggles with the ropes tying her up until the man responsible for this walks in the room. She taunts him and tells him that the secret she stole has already been sent off to her headquarters and that taking her is pointless. But for him, it's not. He's tied her tight with her legs apart and has a camera recording, humiliating her. She laughs it off and tells him she doesn't care about her open legs or the camera and that she has much bigger problems. However, she needs to go to the toilet and asks him politely to turn around or at least turn off the camera while she does so. Even better, release her from her binds so she can go if he escorts her to make sure she doesn't escape. He refuses and begins to laugh at her predicament. The spy starts to get more irate, struggling more with her bounds, but she discovers that the more she struggles, the tighter they get. She starts to get desperate now, feeling her bladder filling up with piss. She starts aggressively struggling to get free and shouting for help, her pretty little face screws up as she realises that she's about to spill her bladder all over the floor while this stranger watches. She can't hold on any longer. Herexplodes from her open pussy like a torrent, dribbling down and covering her arse and thighs. She's embarrassed now but the man simply chuckles and leaves, leaving her alone in this dark room to piss herself over and over again and sit with her bare arse in her golden puddle until (hopefully!) someone rescues her.

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