[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Alien Bred By An Entire Planet of Men - ManyVids | Size - 356.37 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Alien Bred By An Entire Planet of Men - ManyVids | Size - 356.37 MB

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10 DAYS OF SPOOKS - DAY 2 #SpookySzn [This was a custom request] This strange little alien girl crash lands on a strange planet and asks the nearest being she finds for help, only he tells her she has to leave immediately as she won't fit in on this planet. She's confused and explains that she simply needs someone to help her fix her ship so that she can leave - she has a boyfriend back on her planet and needs to get back home to him. The alien man tells her that this planet consists of only men and that she'll be in danger if she stays here for long. More alien men starts surrounding the woman - many different species, all with hardening cocks. At first she's terrified but when she sees all of their strange shaped, large alien cocks she begins writhing around uncontrollably with arousal. She tells the men that her species is made purely for breeding. They've evolved to be able to carry many different offspring from many different men and species at once in order to continue their strong bloodline. It's how their planet has survived for so long. Another trait of their species is that once they become aroused they are uncontrollable and have to breed in order to stop their urges. The alien girl is aware of her boyfriend back home but can't help her body's desperate need to take all of the cocks that surround her inside her pussy. She starts putting the strange shaped alien cocks in her mouth and enjoying rolling her tongue around them but it doesn't last long. All she wants is to get pregnant. So the alien men take turns fucking her wet cunt and leaving their seed inside her. She is filled with load after load from many different cocks and species, each time more cum leaks from her hole as the next alien in line uses her. She tells them that she can feel their seed impregnating her with offspring and that she might grow hundreds of offspring in her womb once they are done with her. The gestation time for her species is very short so she could make more very easily once she'd given birth to the first load. Her pussy is overflowing with cum and she scoops it out and lets it drip all over her body and into her mouth. Cum is her species only weakness, the one thing that makes her vulnerable. She can't fight off her urges to be bred by every alien that surrounds her. More and more men begin to hear about the mysterious alien woman who is repopulating their home and, before she knows it, it's up to her to take on every single man on the planet and give him strong offspring. Her boyfriend may be upset but the future of her species is looking very bright now indeed - and it's all down to her and the litres of cum leaking from her pussy.

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