Goddess Shaye Boot Bitch Joi

Goddess Shaye-Amateur-Boot Fetish, Shoe & Boot Worship, Latex, Femdom POV, JOI

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A hot goddess in a pair of sexy boots is one of your biggest weaknesses. You saw Me in these boots and became a complete and total boot bitch. You will do anything I say when I am wearing these, won't you? You've become a boot slave. Now jerk your dick for Me, slave. Jerk your dick to Me and My sexy boots. I know how much they make you want to blow your load. Your willpower is too weak, you can not fight the urge you have to stroke to Me and My boots. Every single stroke feels SO good. I am your ultimate weakness, you can not look away. Give in and obey Me. Cum for My boots.

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Model: Goddess Shaye
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