[MAX] BarefootAcademy Feet & Cheeks FJ MOV - December 07, 2022 - 1.01 GB

[MAX] BarefootAcademy Feet & Cheeks FJ MOV - December 07, 2022 - 1.01 GB

Feet & Cheeks FJ MOV - December 07, 2022 - ManyVids

Feat. Dacey Harlot & Dexter Darkly

Dacey has her slave trapped in his tease box, wrists bound unable to move at all.  She lays down next to him placing her dirty smelly running shoes just above his face.  Before Dacey even touches him, his dick starts to get hard as dirt from her shoes falls on his face.  Dacey describes the hot, wet, musky smell of her feet as they dangle in front of her slaves face, just out of reach.  She peels one shoes off at a time teasing him with her sweaty socks but only letting him feel the hard and rough surfaces of her shoes on his face.  Dacey starts stroking his throbbing cock, pinning her pungent wet socks under his nose while she wiggles her toes in his face.  Every time she wiggles her toes a waft of her foot scent drifts over his face, while all he can do is stare at Dacey's perfect soles praying she'll press her soft smelly feet into his face.  Dacey's slave starts thrusting into her strokes as he's getting closer to cumming but she stops him.  Dacey is in charge and she says when he cums and how he cums.  Maybe today Dacey will be kind and give him her feet, just not how he expects them.  Dacey knows how obsessed he is with her feet and a footjob from her would be heaven.  But this isn't a pleasure box, it's a tease box. Dacey sits on top of the box sm othering his face.  Now she decides when he cums and when he breathes.  Dacey continues to sm other her slaves face with her thick ass and stroke his cock with her feet.  If he wants to breath he is going to have to cover her feet with his cum.

MAX-1.01 GB-Feet & Cheeks FJ MOV - December 07, 2022
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